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What's the best lightweight OTC transmission jack for your car? I've wasted a lot of time perusing Amazon and happened to find several high-quality jacks that fit in most trunks, which can be really practical when you have to lift a motor or you're doing work yourself. As I've just done a lot of research on thisissue, I thought it was time to present my findings to you all in one place.

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Check out these 6 Top OTC Transmission Jack Reviews

Through the years there have been many brands of transmission Jacks but only a few offer the most favorable OTC transmission jack reviews. It's difficult to analyze the entire range of products they sell or read their comments from clients. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best 6 OTC transmission Jack reviews.

1. OTC 5019A 2,200lb. OTC 5019A 2,200 lbs. High-Capacity Transmission Jack with Low Lift.

This OTC 2,200lb. This OTC 2,200 pounds. Capacity transmission Jack with low lift is ideal for aerodynamic vehicles with limited ground clearance. Its small 8-1/4-inch elevation is ideal to service transmissions on heavy-duty Class 7 and 8 trucks. The swiveling lever on the pump makes it easy to operation in tight spaces. The jack comes with a quick-acting pump which raises the lifting arm rapidly and also has an adjustable angle mounting plate with the twist of an wrench.

A special mounting adapter fits the well-known Eaton Fuller RoadRanger transmissions used in nearly all heavy-duty Class 7 and 8 trucks. Specifications: Min. Height 8-1/4 inches. Max. Height - 36-1/2 inches. Maximum. Forward tilt - 15 deg., max. Backward tilt - 20 deg., max. Side tilt (either either) - 12 degrees. Overall length: 52 inches. Width: 32-1/2 inches.

2. OTC 1522A Transmission Jack Class 7 and 8 Trucks

OTC's rugged, stable, 2000 lb. OTC's 2000 lb. Capacity transmission jack is perfect for lifting heavy transmissions such as the Eaton Fuller Roadranger transmissions, which are used in most class 7 and 8 trucks (adapter included). The low profile design allows it to fit beneath the smallest clearance trucks making it ideal for clutch repair.

Safety overload prevents the hydraulic jack from using beyond its capacity. The safety bypass protects your hydraulic cylinder against harm. Its pump handle conveniently rotates around 360 degrees for the use from any angle and 3.5 inch ball bearing swivel casters permit an easy positioning of the jack. This model has a min. Height of 6-7/8 inches , and a maximum. Height of 35-1/4 inch, maximum. Maximum forward tilt of 24 degrees and maximum tilt backwards is 18 degrees. The maximum tilt on the side is 11° either side, with an overall length of 43-1/2 inches (and overall width of 26 inches)

3. OTC 1728 1000 lbs Capacity Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack

Transmission jacks may take some abuse but they don't have to break the budget. OTC offers transmission jacks that are durable and sturdy at an affordable price. This model is made for heavy lifting. It is ideal for handling heavy transmissions, such as the Eaton Fuller Roadranger transmissions that are used in the majority of Class 7 & 8 trucks (adapter included). It's ideal to repair clutches because it's low profile design that is able to be placed under most trucks.

Safety overload protects you from using the jack beyond the maximum capacity. The safety bypass shields the hydraulic cylinder from destruction. The handle on the pump can be turned 360 degrees, making it easy to work in any position. There are also 3-1/2" ball bearing swivels that allow for simple positioning. Minimum height - 6-7/8"; Maximum Height - 35-1/4"; Forward tilt angle: 24 degrees; Backward tilt angle: 18 degrees; Side tilt (either side): 11 degrees; Overall length: 43-1/2"; Overall width: 26".

4. OTC 1521A Capacity 1000lbs Low Lift Transmission Jack

The OTC 1521A is a 1000 lbs. The Capacity Low Lift Transmission Jack has our universal mounting head that can tilt from side to side and front to back. The safety chain secures the load when it's moving throughout the shop.

It comes with a wide wheel base with four swivel-casters with swivels and two handle grips that makes it easy to put it beneath the vehicle. Safety overload is not permitted and the maximum lifting height of the vehicle is 27 inches. The floor space measures 43 inches by 42 inches. The hydraulic ram's release screw-on lever permits slow, controlled descent.

5. OTC 5078 2000 lbs Capacity Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack

The OTC 5078 2000 lbs capacity high-lift transmission is equipped with a metered, foot-operated air pump that permits effortless lifting of the unit into position and control the load with precision during removal and installation. The tough, sturdy wall tubing and the large base help to improve the overall stabilization of the unit. The lift is supported by three legs that can be adjusted for additional durability.

A specially designed adapter for Allison 500 and 600 series automated transmissions is included. Other characteristics include: min. Height - 41-1/2 inches; max height - 65 inches; maximum forward tilt - 50 degrees; maximum backward tilt - 38 degrees; maximum side tilt (side to side) - 14 degrees; leg width - 46 inches. The OTC's Lifetime Marathon Warranty.

6. OTC Tools 223196 Transmission Jack Mounting Adapter Kit

This kit is able to be utilized in conjunction with the OTC 1728 High-Lift Transmission Jack, with a 1000 pounds Capacity. Ideal for larger standard transmissions , which have unusually-shaped oil pans this kit comes with four adjustable arms that to stabilize transmissions with flat bottom surfaces. Part number 223196

This adapter kit was created in order to enable you to operate bigger transmissions by using your high-lift, air-assisted transmission jack that can lift 1000 pounds. This adapter kit is great for transmissions with larger standard sizes that are shaped differently in their oil pans. The kit features four adjustable arms that help maintain the stability of transmissions with round bottom surfaces.


It is recommended to use the top OTC transmission tool jack in case you need to repair or replace a vehicle's transmission. They're crucial to your work, and when you purchase any item that you purchase, you are entitled to trust that it will fulfill your needs. We've covered it in the past, they're an essential part of the equation; without them, you might as well abandon the idea and call the tow truck. While there's no doubt that many individuals won't be able do their own work without assistance but there are certain elements that make all of the difference in their efficiency.

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