Introducing myself

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This is me.

I would like to introduce myself.

I am the Founder of the Community School Clothing Scheme, a simple housewife in a quiet town in Northumberland. My life had not always been easy. In the last decade I have fought a rare form of Arthritis which at one point left me completely disabled and dealing with the sheer pain of the whole thing. The children took care of me with a lot of help from carers. At the moment I am relatively ok with only mild flare ups to tend too. I have been getting better and better for a few years now and while getting my strength,independence and life back I created the Scheme which also helped me with my determination, my confidence, my self worth.

In the beginning

So Three years ago I set the Community School Clothing Scheme up. It wasn’t really my intention. This is what happened. My youngest child Is very boisterous and ruins his clothing often and with great ease. Well one week my washer decided to give up and I couldn’t live without it. I had a growing family, 3 boys to ensure we’re clean and tidy. I bought the washer, it took every spare penny and some.

I mentioned my youngest was boysterous, he only came home with ruined trousers 3 days in a row. honestly face plant By the Thursday I stent him to school in joggers and had a little word with the school head. He was very understanding.

The Scheme grew from there. First collecting for my sons school, after a month or so other parents from neighbouring towns started to get in Touch and the next thing we know I am serving half the county with uniform

photo taken 2017. At home

my experience of uniform poverty isn’t always a constant struggle but sometimes events happen in your life and then it becomes an issue I knew I wasn’t the only parent who struggles with the ever growing and constant cost of clothing their children for school. As it happens there are thousands more who feel and struggle the same.

I am very proud of everything the scheme has become. Not only providing a good selection of pre lives school uniform but a large Nursery loan service, Community stores. 3 Premises in The northeast. Serving thousands of Northeast families.

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