Community Support

I cannot begin to tell you how much your support means to us. With your support in donations, volunteering, spreading the word, whatever it may be we can’t do it all without you.

I want to highlight our Christmas mission and how many of you have been supporting us.

Every year we invite families to visit our Christmas room for whatever they need for that special Christmas we ALL deserve. Every child deserves a happy joyous Christmas.

Last year we helped to provide Christmas for over 70 families who had 200 children between them. This year I expect this to be a higher demand due to the COVID pandemic and the huge loss of jobs or furloughed staff.

This year we have booked in over 200 families at the Cobalt premises and 20 ish families at our Sunderland premises. This is a wonderful response to our Christmas service and with your donations we are able to offer this service to more families than before. We have already had many families use the Christmas service this year. choosing and Collecting presents and decorations for their loved ones. Here’s what our families have to say and what this service has meant to them

Just want to say a massive thankyou for the presents for the kids from the Christmas room a really appreciate it and my kids are gonna be so happy so thankyou again xx
Can I just say a massive thankyou for yesterday, iv sat and looked at the stuff I got from the Christmas room today and iv broke my heart, the kids are gunna have a beautiful Christmas now.. Thankyou so so much ♥️ xxxxxx
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the thinks we got yesterday! You really are some woman !! I wish you all the best in everything.. and thank you again and to your lovely volunteers!! Xxx

Your donations make a huge difference in other people’s lives. Not just at Christmas but with every service we offer on a daily basis for families in the northeast.

I want to give a big high give to you. Our main supporters, the general public. Your donations have been so generous and the love that had gone into your giving has been so beautiful to witness. We have had families donating with children offering their toys to us for others. It has been truly beautiful. Families making reindeer dust and hot chocolate cones. You have donated everything from advent calendars, cards, wrapping paper, decoration, gifts large and small and helped with everything to help families make Christmas special through a terrible time of their life. Christmas isn’t always a happy joyful time for fa