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Here is a list of all the services we offer within the Community School Clothing Scheme. Most of our services are open for all parents and child care givers, without the need to be on government benefits. As a parent I know we can all struggle to provide for our children. The scheme isn't just a way of saving the pennies but a great environmental initiative, having a positive impact.

you can order your uniform with the link below


Please do take a look and use our services, we are here to serve our community.


Free pre loved School uniform.

We aim to reduce the stress from daily school life costs.

Our free uniform service stocks over 400 schools logo items. We have a huge stock of generic uniform too! 

You can find everything in the uniform department from lunch boxes to outerwear and footwear. You will also find FREE fancy dree items in this department. Dressing up days at school can become expensive and stressful for many parents, we aim to reduce that stress from daily school life. 

You can order your uniform with the link below.

to be collected from one of our hubs. Please allow 7 working days to process the order. 


Nursery loan service

Make a Difference in the Community

Our Nusery loan service is full of everything you need for a baby. This is a free service for all parents and child care givers. All we ask is that you return the items once finished with. Our loan duration is a flexible agreement and no time restraints.


Community Store.

We cant all afford a high street charity shop.

Community School Clothing Scheme is committed to helping the neediest among the  community. We have community stores full of clothing for all ages and sizes. We also have a small housewares department too. All prices are very low cost. Adult clothing is no more than £1.50. childrens clothing as little as 10p. 

you can't get a better bargain

Help us provide the most we can today.