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Sunflower Competition 2022

Competition rules

Categories & guidance on how to measure

1. Biggest sunflower head

Measure the diameter of the seed head. The flower petals should not be included.

2. Tallest sunflower plant

Measured from the base of the stem (not including the roots) to the top of the head. The head can be extended to measure the full height of the plant.

3. Best Coloured sunflower.

Email your photo entry to us at

How to Enter

Entries are open from now until the 1st September 2022. Please enter your details using our online form. Competition open to all within UK

Please submit one entry for each individual catagory you wish to enter in the competition. For instance, if you have two sunflowers you wish to enter (one for height and another biggest sunflower head), please submit the form twice. It is possible to enter the same sunflower in both categories.

Please self-measure your sunflowers in millimetres (mm).

Once an email submission is received, all entries will be verified by a volunteer judge to confirm measurements.

Closing date 1st September 2022

Photos, video's of entries

Please send us any photos you have of your sunflowers being measured. we need exact measurements so do make sure these are clearly seen in the photos. For the tallest sunflower catagory we require a short video of you measuring the flower and make sure you get a close up of the final measurement. We would like to share some of these in the next newsletter and on the website (not a requirement to enter the competition).

Photos can be sent to Enter subject as Sunflower Competition 2022.

Thank you and good luck!


Top growing tips.

Stretch up and reach for the sun with super sunflowers!

They're attractive, easy to grow, bees and insects love them and their seeds make great food for birds. What amazingly colourful, wildlife-friendly flowers they are.

If you're the competitive type, enter our competition and fill our our form here.  or challenge your family and friends to see who can grow the tallest sunflower!

If you don't have a garden, don't worry. Sunflowers can be grown in pots if you have a nice bright and sunny indoor space to put them. Alternatively, do it with friends and family and use their garden as a home for your sunflower, or even ask your teacher if your whole class can do it for your school grounds or garden.

Did you know: 

the tallest sunflower ever recorded was in Germany and reached an enormous 9.17m. That's taller than five average-height men stood on top of each other.

What you will need

Just a few ingredients and you'll be on your way to sunflower glory:

  • Plastic cup

  • Compost

  • Garden sunflower seeds

  • Large flowerpot

  • A watering-can or hose


It'll take about eight weeks to grow a sunflower from seed and here's how:

  1. Put some compost in a plastic cup, almost to the top. Poke your finger in the soil to make a hole for your sunflower seed.

  2. Pop a sunflower seed into the hole then cover it with a little compost. Give it a water so it's nice and damp.

  3. Put the cup somewhere sunny like a windowsill. Give your sunflower a little water whenever it feels dry.

  4. After about 1 or 2 weeks your seed should germinate and a shoot will poke through the soil. Now's the time to start measuring how much it grows each week - make a log of its progress.

  5. When your plant grows too big for the cup, plant it in a bigger flowerpot or outside if you have somewhere warm and sunny.

Keep checking on your sunflower, making sure it doesn’t dry out (but no need to overwater it) - how tall will it grow? Here's where the competition starts if you're challenging your friends and family. Good luck!


When the sunflower head starts to turn brown, cut it off and hang it somewhere dry and airy. When the seeds are dry, rub them together to loosen them. Birds can eat your seeds if you leave them in the garden. You could even put them in a bird feeder.​

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