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A Partnership for Good

There are plenty of ways you can help out in our community. One of the most impactful ways is by committing to be a Community School Clothing Scheme member and join our valued group of charitable givers. Learn more about what we do and how your donation will help.


First-Time Membership

Champion the Cause

Throughout the years Community School Clothing Scheme has been able to continue promoting our causes through the kind and generous donations of our members and partners. Don’t stop the good fight now — your help will help us continue our work in helping struggling families in the Northeast UK.

 Together we can make a difference!


Membership for Life

Keep On Giving

For those who want to get familiar with how we work, this is a great way to cover all the bases. Your support will move mountains for those in need. Contact us today to learn what becoming a member really means. We can guarantee our families of the Northeast will be forever grateful.


Student Membership

Accomplish Great Things

Sign up for this today. Your support will gratefully received and we know you will get a lot from your volunteer time with us. We often have family volunteer days as well as students volunteering for their duke of Edinburgh Award etc, Uni students volunteering for work experience. Why no get in touch now to start making great contributions through your membership.

Want to know more about our membership programs? Talk to us.

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