Who We Are and What We Do

Our Work

Since our launch in 2017, Community School Clothing Scheme has been working hard to promote our causes and stand against family poverty. While there is always more that can be done to help those in need in our community, there’s no doubt that we are making a significant impact. 

We now have Three premises within the northeast, serving thousands of families, many of whom continue to use our services through their families growth and development. We work with many Charities, Organisations and local authority departments to ensure the most vulnerable access us. 

We are recruiting new members to our amazing volunteer teams as the Scheme expands into more local communities, making our services more accessible to everyone. 

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Our Vision and Mission

Our History

I am Freema Chambers


The Community School Clothing Scheme.

The Scheme began because of my own struggles as a single parent, finding myself in a situation where I couldn't afford school trousers for my young man. I knew I wouldn't be the only parent with the problem of providing the basics for his education, his clothing.

I began collecting my sons schools uniform from the parents and storing it at home, within months I was receiving enquiries from neighbouring towns parents, asking if I had any of their schools stock in. No but i soon did have! 

Within a year I had premises at the Cobalt business park and began inviting parents to come and collect uniform themselves.  I am dedicated to the mission of creating immediate and lasting change in the lives of those in need. Our work with donors and Supporters is aimed at achieving a more just and stable life for Northeast UK families. Join us in our fight by learning more about our mission and supporting our causes in all the various ways you can get involved.